Let’s look what other commands antibody has available for us!


Antibody can update all bundles in a single pass.

Just run:

$ antibody update
Updating all bundles in /Users/carlos/Library/Caches/antibody...

and that’s it.


You can remove a bundle completely by purging it:

$ antibody purge robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh
Removing robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh...


If you want to see what plugins you have in your home folder, you can of course list them:

$ antibody list
https://github.com/Tarrasch/zsh-bd            /Users/carlos/Library/Caches/antibody/https-COLON--SLASH--SLASH-github.com-SLASH-Tarrasch-SLASH-zsh-bd
https://github.com/caarlos0/git-add-remote    /Users/carlos/Library/Caches/antibody/https-COLON--SLASH--SLASH-github.com-SLASH-caarlos0-SLASH-git-add-remote
# ...


You can also see where antibody is keeping the plugins with the home command:

$ antibody home

Of course, you can remove the entire thing with:

rm -rf `antibody home`

if you decide to start fresh or to use something else.

Last updated by Carlos Alexandro Becker on January 17, 2019.